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SendCrypto is an easy way to send or request cryptocurrency payments. It's like a web3 version of


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🥇 SKALE Network — Grand Prize


🏊‍♂️ SKALE Network — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ Valist — Pool Prize

Project Description

If your audience is crypto experts, you only need to tell them your address to receive a payment: they know how to copy and paste that into their wallet (which they already have) and initiate a transaction. SendCrypto aims to provide an option with a much better user experience that can reach a much broader audience. As a recipient, you can provide potential payers with a simple link that includes your address and optionally the amount- and you can easily have different links with different amounts on the same page or email if you want. The links can easily be programmatically generated if the amount is dynamic, such as a total from a purchase at checkout. In the future, recipients will be able to log in to customize their page, including addition of recipient information such as a name and logo, which may be supported by some automatic domain verification, useful especially for large charities that have many imitators. The customized data can also include information about how to send funds through more traditional financial channels. Then, as a developer of a site you don't have to know much about how to set up the scripts for web3 payments including wallet detection and onboarding or transaction initialization and error handling. Recipients will also be able to designate webmasters to customize their pages, opt for some fun animations rewarding senders, and better control notifications they receive and/or send to payers when a transaction goes through.

How it's Made

The code allows for two options: Traditional server hosting with a static-file Express server on Node.js to serve all front-end code written in TypeScript with HTML and CSS, or IPFS/Filecoin hosting published through Valist and accessible through Unstoppable Domains. The code is written in Typescript, transpiled, and wrapped up with Webpack through Node and/or GitHub Actions, which also creates a Valist release on push. There is a test environment separate from the main production site to allow for functionality verification on updates. This site facilitates transactions on multiple blockchains, emphasizing those from hackathon sponsors. It also allows recipient addresses to be specified with ENS and does a reverse lookup to warn users that their wallet will seek confirmation showing a recipient's primary ENS address if that differs from the one they've provided. Other naming sources (such as Unstoppable Domains) can be added in the future. Project controls through Valist and Unstoppable Domains are on Polygon mainnet.

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