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One-stop solution for delegatees to stay aware of all active proposals (onchian + offchain) across DAOs, Receive reminders for unvoted proposals, and Showcase their governance activity


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


♿️ AAVE Grants DAO — 🥇 Accessibility


🏟 Optimism — Best Community Infrastructure


🔟 Optimism — Top 10

Project Description

Senate helps delegates stay on top of governance by aggregating onchain and offchain proposals across DAOs and sending notifications when there are unvoted proposals that are about to close.

With average voting participation around 5%-10%, we see delegatees taking much more important role in enabling decentralized governance in the future. Wanting to push this forward, we interviewed full-time delegate teams (Gauntlet, GFX, Flipside, Stablenode, and Reverie) and learned that they struggle with keeping track of governance activity, especially when they participate in multiple DAOs. This is an important matter since missing a vote can change the direction of a DAO and have a lasting impact on its treasury

With Senate, delegates can customize their watchlist for DAOs and set up notifications on different channels (EPNS, Discord, Slack, Telegram). On top of this, they can track their voting activity and share it publicly, adding transparency to their activity

How it's Made

Our project is made of a few components revolving around a Postgres database. The proposal detective service is querying the blockchain & snapshot's api, then updates the db with the latest proposal and voting data. At the same time the notification orchestrator service listens to the db changes and sends notifications to the users on their chosen channels. EPNS was very helpful for implementing notifications in a web3 native manner, because all our users' profiles and governance activity are linked to their wallet addresses.

The frontend is built in Next.js and allows the user to subscribe to different DAOs, set their notification preferences, view different dashboards share share their voting data publicly. For easy deployment, everything is dockerized.

We are pleased that in less than 3 weeks we were able have an architecture in place for all the moving gears, which is scalable without much effort.

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