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Semicolon Fingers

Mint a [heartwarming] story with a semicolon tattoo as an NFT

Semicolon Fingers

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Project Description

This project is an attempt to raise awareness about the semicolon tattoo which is associated with mental health. It is also born out of a frustration of people using the amazing web3 technology very superficially, such as NFT flipping. Semicolon fingers provides a platform to mint colourful semicolon tattoo NFTs along with a story. Users decide on their mood by selecting a hue and how much they are feeling that hue by selecting saturation. They then write out their story and mint it as an NFT with a semicolon tattoo. Other users may read stories filtered by hues or directly by a token [read: story] ID. If the story they be reading touches their heart, they may choose to mint that story and hodl it in their wallet as a token of support. A more complete version of the dApp will also include Superfluid money streaming so people may potentially earn money for simply speaking their hearts out.

How it's Made

The project is hosted entirely on github pages, with the data stored on the Polygon blockchain. Bootstrap 5 is used for the UI and basic jQuery is used to handle the UX. Moralis is used for user authentication, to upload to ipfs and call contract methods, and to make data fetching (nfts from the chain) simpler. Finally a main smart contract deployed to the mumbai testnet (0x964d85d9D41615450dFC90c6571a9bF552aCE015) is used to mint fresh NFTs which also dynamically creates another contract that enables users to mint specific stories instead.

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