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Oracle Protected Swaps w/ API3 - protecting traders against slippage, frontrunning, mev & MANY MORE MANIPULATIONS


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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API3 - API3 Runners up

Project Description

The project contains of many different components

However, the most important part is the "userProtectectedSwaps" function userProtectedSwaps is a Smart Contract Module aimed at improving the UX and security of trading on DEXes, especially in terms of ensuring fair prices and preventing adverse trade conditions. It uses API3 Price Feeds.

How it's Made

To build the project we have used foundry for smart contract development. For the frontend we have used NEAR BOS. We also have utilised many useful widgets for NEAR BOS such ass the TailwindCSS widget.

Furthermore, we have deployed the smart contracts on various EVM compatible chains.

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