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We're hacking on a web interface for the bridge connecting Ethereum with Secret Network, a unique transactional privacy solution allowing users to lock ETH or ERC-20 tokens in order to get an equal amount of privacy tokens, called secretTokens (secretETH or secretERC-20s).

Secret Hub

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Project Description

We’re bringing privacy to Ethereum assets using Secret Network, the first public blockchain with private smart contracts - a.k.a. secret contracts with encrypted inputs, outputs and state.

This project features a sealed-bid auction mechanism, which enables privacy network effects for "secretETH" and other secret tokens.

How it's Made

Our project uses a smart contract on Ethereum and a secret contract on Secret Network. More info:

The bridge uses a leader --> signer architecture where the leader is responsible for watching the chain for new events. Once a new event is found, a transaction is proposed. Then, multisig participants take that proposed transaction, validate it was indeed triggered by an on-chain event and sign (or submit approval for) the transaction.

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