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Using Seadog NFTs as access tokens, the Seadogs project enables players and writers to experience the fantasy world of the Seadogs through games and co-operative storytelling.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

On the Seadog’s website, visitors learn about the ongoing story of the Island of Grimmare and the Seadog community who live there.

Visitors can visit Grimmare by purchasing a Seadogs NFT from an NFT sales platform like Opensea, and become Grimmarians.

The purchased NFT enables access to the main site where users can learn more about the Seadogs world and are rewarded with two interactive experiences.

  1. Interactive Game

    Here, users are presented with a scene (map of island, city, or specific interior such as The Driftwood Tavern). Within each scene lies a mystery that needs to be solved interactively. Players are presented with an opening problem—a crime—and they must solve this crime by unveiling clues and pointers hidden within the scene. A cursor point and click method is used to unveil a chain of answers and clues until the mystery is solved.

    For the purposes of this project, a murder mystery in The Driftwood Tavern is presented.

    A set number of users who solve the mystery first will receive a beautifully printed copy of the scene.

  2. Co-operative storytelling.

    Here, users are presented with an unfinished story about the world of Seadogs. Upon reading the story, users are then invited to extend the story by writing the next section. Once a user has completed a section, they can then submit it to the Seadogs’ NFT community for consideration. All NFT holders are entitled to read and vote on the submitted pieces. The piece with the highest votes becomes the next section of the story. and the process repeats until the story reaches its conclusion.

    Stories created co-operatively will, ultimately, become available in printed copy form for all NFT holders.

The aim of the Seadogs project is to harness the power of NFTs to build a strong and vibrant community of creative writers who are invested in co-operatively building the world of Seadogs together.

How it's Made

Blockchain: We chose Polygon as blockchain for our smart contract, small fees are much appreciated!

Nft: Our nfts are hosted on ipfs via, images and their metadata are managed by this way it’s easier to keep track of deployed nfts!

Nft platform: We’re selling all the nfts on opensea, their interface is intuitive to put the nft on sell.

We built a react web app, which will manage the wallet connection and check the amount of nfts on it. Once you have at least one Seadogs nft you will be able to participate to the quest.

We used figma to prototype our collaborative writing platform.

We used plain html and css to build our game and deployed it on Netlify

Squarespace to create our landing page

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