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Web interface to the GHO token contract I deployed to Sepolia with Vercel and Connectkit


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Scaffold-eth is a great framework for building a dapp with web widgets connected to smart contracts you are developing. It can be used to generate a page for a smart contract and use a connected web wallet to make transactions.

I wanted to make a web interface for the GHO token contract to make transactions from different roles. I deployed my own copy to Sepolia 0xf94AC1F9a052EDEE3D55C05305E2c7526f635415 and deployed a frontend to Vercel to interact with the token, add roles, and mint tokens.

Now anyone can debug the contract easily.

I made scaffold-eth work with connectkit to connect the dapp to your wallet.

How it's Made

The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the usefulness of scaffold-eth for debugging and existing contract, the GHO token contract in this example. A simple script using hardhat deploys to any network, currently configured for Sepolia. Connectkit replaced the existing Rainbowkit and is now used by scaffold-eth for the wallet connection.

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