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a marketplace (and a DAP) for musical scores, to buy, sell and get commisioned!


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort Pool Prize

Project Description

ScoreMinter is a DAP to mint, buy, sell and commission musical scores.

What can you do with this?, You can mint a new music scores and sell them as NFT You can buy or rent musical scores as NFTs You can commission a composer to write a musical score for you and your group, and share the revenue from future sells! You can protect your creation with our PROOF OF OWNERSHIP mechanism!!! You can validate your old and new commissionments through our OFFCHAIN COMMISSIONMENT mechanism.

What ELSE can you do with this? You can get commissioned. THERE ARE THOUSANDS (if not millions) of musicians and musical groups around the world that may be interested in commission you a new work. You can imagine new business models for your compositions and works You can share revenue of score sells with the commission party You can support the artists you love and win with them by sharing the revenue of their new musical scores!

What does scoreMinter solve? FOR MUSIC STUDENTS AND MUSICIANS you can now buy scores to study and perform: with crypto!!! FOR COMPOSERS AND ARRANGERS you can sell your scores: with crypto!!!

What have we accomplished? You can mint a new music score and sell it as NFT You can buy or rent musical scores as NFTs You can commission a composer to create a musical score and share the revenue from future sells!

What ELSE have we accomplished? HUGE THINGS! proof of ownership mechanism for your music scores( ipfs-filecoin + timestamped onchain data) a new offchain commissionment mechanism( you can validate your offchain commissionments onchain!)

and yet, what else have we accomplished? some little beautiful things: remote collab-coworking through upgradable NFTs multilanguaje support automatic network addition web3 login and signing mechanisms multichain NFTs a nice UI editable offchain drafts

What has yet to be done? superfluid integration for music commissioning Logistics of contracts spread in different platforms and minted through different mechanisms DAO curation mechanism tokenomization

How it's Made

I used MORALIS, for the backend.

NFT PORT, for easy minting and create dynamic NFTs

COVALENT, to deply the markeplace logic

POLYGON, as mainnet to have fast, cheap and green transactions

SUPERFLUID, to pay the commissioned party

IPFS-FILECOIN, to host and pin all our files. I developed all the UI by myself as fast as I could!

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