Scaling Concept

Adaptive proof-of-work blockchains that independently submit transactions to the main net.

Scaling Concept

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

Combining a custom low-power proof-of-work algorithm that uses a committee-driven mining pool, zk-rollups and tokenomics to revolutionize the L2 debate.

Multiple independently run proof-of-kernel-work blockchains shall validate transactions quickly and cheaply. Tokens that are used to pay for local transactions, once reached a threshold, are used to transfer the final state of the chain to the Eth main chain using zk-rollups.

How it's Made

A modified Geth executable with a specialised algorithm to reduce the number of nodes taking part in the mining race. This reduces power consumption, since there are fewer nodes operating. This also increases security since the nodes being chosen are randomised for each block, reducing the chance of 51% attacks.

This blockchain running in a private manner can use locally accepted tokens for transactions that, once enough have been spent to pay for a main-chain transaction, allow for a zk-rollup to be used to transfer the state onto the Eth main chain.

The processing required to calculate the zk-rollup can be farmed out to anyone with spare computational power, increasing speed, security and collaboration of the whole process.

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