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SavePanther NFT An initiative to create awareness of endangered Panther species by creating unique Panther NFT Collectibles


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Project Description

Panthers are listed as an Endangered Species under the Endangered Species Act. Their protection and preservation is of utmost importance. We wanted to bring attention and create awareness of their conservation among our community. So, we decided to mint exclusive NFT collectibles for raising fund to this cause.

We designed our Panther art layers, generated them with random traits, coded our Panther NFT smart contracts based on ERC-721 token, deployed on Polygon Mumbai testnet, created a Dapp for accessing the deployed smart contracts and minting Panther NFT's, tested the minted NFT's on the collectibles section on Opensea testnet. We also validated NFT image rendering by accessing it on Metamask mobile wallet.

We did some modifications to Hashlips generative art engine and made use of our custom specially handcrafted Panther image layers and generated the images, metadata. We uploaded them in IPFS and configured their URI in our Panther NFT smart contracts. Our Panther smart contract was built using Solidity based on ERC-721 standard. We also created PantherTraits, PantherLottery contracts which makes use of Chainlink VRF for generating random panther traits metadata and picking lottery winner for participating in lottery using our Dapp.

We designed our Dapp which provides access for end users to mint their NFT, participate in lucky draw for discounted Panther NFT's and to find more info about our team.

How it's Made

Tools and technologies used

UI - React, HTML/CSS

Smart Contract - Solidity ERC-721, Using Chainlink VRF for lottery functionality.

Backend - web3.js, Node.js

Art Design - Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator for creative designs.

Art Engine - Modified Hashlips engine

Testnet - Mumbai Polygon , Opensea

Tools - Truffle, Remix, Metamask

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