Save is a chatbot aimed at educating & onboarding mainstream audiences to DeFi.


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Project Description

The idea of Save is to offer through a chatbot interface an onboarding for non technical audiences into the realm of blockchain, and more specifically to offer investment exposure to curated DeFi protocols, while minimizing risks for the user. The education part covers some context about blockchain in general of course, as well as some cultural onboarding (memeology), and of course some needed education to the inherent risks of DeFi, and a risk profile assessment. The onramp is done on the side of the chatbot window, in order for the user to ask Save for additional explanations during the process.

How it's Made

This project uses Rasa for the educational chatbot part, within a React frame for the frontend.

For the onboarding part itself: the wallet management happens thanks to Metamask, the onramp via Moonpay, where the choice is restricted to a stable coin, namely Dai (to minimize risk exposure).

It is then swapped via Paraswap for Aave interest bearing Dai or further products

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