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Satori Drop

The platform is designed to use Airstack to detect targeted users for airdrops.

Satori Drop

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ETHGlobal Tokyo

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πŸ”₯ Airstack β€” Best Overall Use

Project Description

The platform, Airstack, is designed to enable project teams that want to conduct token airdrops to identify target users based on on-chain data from token holders in other projects. By utilizing various criteria, the platform maximizes the effectiveness of the airdrops. The extracted user data can be downloaded in CSV format, which can then be uploaded to other tools that facilitate the airdrop process.

How it's Made

This project utilizes Airstack APIs (TokenBalances API, TokenTransfers API) instead of the upcoming Snapshots feature mentioned in the roadmap. The backend runs on Express, hosted on AWS Lightsail to secure the API key. For the frontend, Next.js is employed and deployed on Vercel, which converts the JSON data returned by the backend into a downloadable CSV format.

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