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Samah: On-Chain AI

Your on-chain AI assistant offering chat, screenshot analysis, financial advice, and seamless crypto trading. Powered by blockchain and advanced AI, Samah transforms your digital interactions with real-time, intelligent assistance.

Samah: On-Chain AI

Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Zondax - Best Use of Beryx 3rd place


Squid Router - Best use of Squid 2nd place


Galadriel - The best on-chain AI agent(s) built on Galadriel Devnet 3rd place

Project Description


Meet Samah, your dedicated on-chain AI assistant designed to transform how you interact with the blockchain. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge AI capabilities with blockchain technology, Samah is here to make your digital life smarter, more efficient, and incredibly secure.

What Can Samah Do for You?

Chat with Intelligence:
Have a question? Need advice? Simply press Ctrl+L to summon Samah and start a conversation. Whether it's general inquiries or complex discussions, Samah is equipped to provide insightful responses.

Screenshot Analysis:
Ever wished you had an assistant who could see what you're doing on your desktop and offer real-time guidance? With Samah, that's possible. Activate the screenshot feature and let Samah understand and assist with your tasks directly. Press Ctrl+L, start the chat with the command /screenshot, and type what assistance you need.

Financial Guidance:
Navigating the financial landscape can be daunting. Samah offers expert financial advice, from managing bills to optimizing your crypto investments. Just start a chat with the command /analysis and get the insights you need. Show her your bills or crypto investments and let her do the rest.

Crypto Trading Simplified:
Say goodbye to complicated crypto trading processes. Samah can execute token swaps across different chains with ease. Just use the command /squid and specify your swap details in the format:

swap {amount} {fromToken} to {toToken} from {fromChain} to {toChain}

Example: /squid swap 1 FIL to USDC from Filecoin to Ethereum. Samah handles the rest, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Smart Swaps:
Unsure about the best trading strategy? Let Samah analyze your chat and suggest smart swaps tailored to your needs. Simply use the command /ss and let the AI do the heavy lifting. Example: /ss swap 3 MATIC to USDC on Polygon.

Beryx API Integration:
Get the most out of blockchain data with Samah’s access to the Beryx API. Whether you need the latest updates or specific blockchain queries, Samah can fetch the information for you. Start the chat with the command /beryx, and run queries. Example: /beryx what's the latest tipset?

Lilypad Integration:
To work with Lilypad, start the chat with /lilypad. Currently, only the chat functionality is supported.

How it's Made

Samah is built using a combination of cutting-edge technologies and strategic integrations to deliver a powerful and seamless user experience. Here’s how it’s done:

Electron Framework: Samah uses Electron to create a robust desktop application, enabling cross-platform compatibility and a seamless user interface.

Galadriel Blockchain: the brain heart and soul of Samah, wouldnt be here with out Galadriel .

Squid Router: Squid’s routing capabilities allow Samah to perform seamless token swaps across different chains, providing users with a hassle-free trading experience.

Beryx API: The Beryx platform is leveraged for blockchain data queries, enhancing Samah’s ability to provide up-to-date and relevant information.

Fleek:storage is used to allow for seamless upload of screenshot giving samah eyes to oversee whats going in the user desktop

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