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An exciting Job platform that connects tasks with education so that everyone can start in web3


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Project Description

Web3 is an thrilling space full of opportunities, but unknown to most people. So while in LATAM we have 30% of youngsters who neither work nor study, in Web3 the extraordinary load of tasks multiplies and accumulates in backlogs that are difficult to keep up with. But what would happen if we taught the new generations how to start in web3 in an easy and stimulating way? That's where Salto's mission begins!

Salto means Jump in Spanish; it´s the platform that comes to revolutionize web3 onboarding by developing the potential being through learning by doing.

Salto has these features to make it happen:

Single sign on login to onboard easily new users, based on Wallet Connect

Track record ownership by Polygon NFTs that guarantees authenticity and traceability.

Accessible and flexible payments with an ¨earn stream¨ feature enabled by SuperFluid.

Education path that will empower users to get smarter at building their careers.

Dashboard with a recommendation system to set the next steps in the users careers.

Monetization opportunities as soon as users strengthen their skills.

In Salto every person matters. As soon as you log in, the platform will help you identify, based on what you are passionate about and your skills, how to start. The best: all the activity you carry out, unlike other web2 work platforms, is yours. Salto identifies what are your potential, your skills, and regarding that offer two path personalized. You can start from scratch earning badges with the learning suggested path, or jump into the board of tasks unlocked based on your skills, to claim your next bountie.

To encourage your progress, the platform have a dashboard that will show you where you are now and what new bounties are awaiting for you. Additionally, the recommendation system makes it easy for you to identify training opportunities and bounties that are appropriate for you. Increasing your bounties and badges will increase the complexity of your unlocked tasks, which will result in higher payouts. You can even apply for recurring jobs and generate a stable income.

Our goals for candidates, are improving their quality of life by starting at their own rythm in Web3, being in charge or their future by being the owners of their track record. For Web3 companies, unlock those tasks that need to be resolved without the urgency to hire a new employee.

And this is just the beginning! We are planning to add a gamification layer, robust the recommendation system based on quality instead of quantity of bounties, and make alliances with education companies, web3 projects and study hubs, such us communities, universities and clubs.

How it's Made

@Polygon We are using Polygon to deploy our asset NFT minting smart contract, considering that is the most accesible protocol for candidates.

@WalletConnect We are using WalletConnect because is the best way to onboard users who are currently use crypto, enabling our users to log in and interact with our dApp. When they connect their wallet they are able to earn NFTs and money, all on the blockchain.

@Superfluid We use Superfluid to implement a "earn stream" schema where the company can pay over time for recurrent tasks. This encourages candidates to accomplished their bounties to have an stable everyday income.

@Ethereum Foundation Latam: Expanding access to properity through education and employment in Latam.

@DeGate: We support the educational and povery missions of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

@ENS: ENS is used to build trust through ens domains and profile images

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