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Your AI-powered sales assistant. Seamlessly preps for calls, analyzes transcripts for improvements, and syncs with your CRM


Created At

ETHGlobal London

Winner of


Circle - Best Applications for Emerging Use Cases with Circle Products 1st place

Project Description

SalesAgent stands as an autonomous, AI-driven ally crafted to transform the sales landscape, especially tailored for the high-paced world of private jet service sales. Acting discreetly in the background, it empowers sales managers to seal deals with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Core Functionalities:

  1. Tailored Pre-Call Briefs: Leveraging the wealth of data available on LinkedIn, SalesAgent meticulously compiles detailed memos for sales managers before each call. These briefs distill key insights about potential leads, encompassing professional background, recent activities, and potential points of interest, ensuring sales managers are fully prepared for every interaction.

  2. Call Analysis & Performance Incentives: Post-call, SalesAgent delves into the call transcripts, employing advanced analytics to assess the conversation's dynamics. It provides constructive feedback alongside actionable insights, aimed at refining sales tactics. Exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded, fostering a culture of excellence and motivation among sales teams.

  3. Seamless CRM Synchronization: Understanding the critical role of up-to-date customer data, SalesAgent seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, automating updates and entries. This not only ensures the CRM remains current but also liberates sales managers from routine data entry tasks, allowing them to focus more on strategic sales initiatives.

Advanced Capabilities: Beyond these core features, SalesAgent harnesses programmable wallets, enabling it to autonomously manage its finances. This financial autonomy extends to engaging and compensating other AI agents for their services, creating a synergistic ecosystem of AI-driven support that further enhances the sales process

How it's Made

Core AI Implementation: LlamaIndex and OpenAI's GPT-4-Turbo Model: The heart of SalesAgent's intelligence comes from the integration of LlamaIndex for data indexing and retrieval, combined with the linguistic prowess of OpenAI's GPT-4-Turbo model. LlamaIndex is utilized to efficiently index and search through vast amounts of data, including LinkedIn profiles and sales call transcripts. The GPT-4-Turbo model then processes this data, generating insightful pre-call briefs, in-depth call analyses, and actionable feedback. This combination ensures SalesAgent can understand complex sales scenarios and provide nuanced, valuable insights to sales managers.

Financial Autonomy: Circle Programmable Wallets: To achieve financial autonomy, SalesAgent leverages Circle's programmable wallets, enabling it to manage its own finances. This setup allows SalesAgent to autonomously handle transactional operations, such as compensating other AI agents for their services. The use of programmable wallets ensures seamless financial transactions within the AI ecosystem SalesAgent operates in, enhancing operational efficiency.

Smart Contract Integration: Smart Contracts for Escrow and Rewards: The escrow process and reward system are governed by smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. These contracts manage the escrow of funds for sales deals and disburse rewards to sales managers based on performance metrics analyzed by SalesAgent. This not only automates the reward process but also adds a layer of transparency and trust, as the terms are encoded in immutable smart contracts.

Communication and Reporting: Telegram Bot API: For real-time interaction with sales managers, SalesAgent employs the Telegram Bot API, enabling direct communication through a familiar and accessible platform. Sales managers receive personalized briefs, updates, and reports directly within Telegram, facilitating instant access to critical information and insights. This approach ensures that sales managers are always in the loop, with immediate access to the intelligence and support provided by SalesAgent.

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