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Sakutaro Poems NFT

Experimental full-on-chain NFT and Dapp. Filecoin version of the project “Sakutaro Poems NFTs” deployed on multiple blockchains.

Sakutaro Poems NFT

Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

This is part of the 'Sakutaro Poems NFT' art project, adapted for the Filecoin mainnet. Note: The development this time pertains only to the NFT portion on Filecoin. The website as a whole and NFTs on other chains are pre-existing.

Thirty-nine poems from Sakutaro Hagiwara's late self-selected collection, 'Shukumei,' have been inscribed on the blockchain as fully on-chain NFTs. These NFTs possess a mysterious property whereby their contents change depending on the owner.

How it's Made


  • Limited to 39 pieces.
  • Anyone can mint.
  • Poems written in SVG images are generated entirely on-chain.
  • The poem changes based on the owner's address.
  • SVG images are provided in the Object Display Standard format, converted to Base64.
  • Deployed on multiple chains, both EVM and non-EVM.

I used Hardhat to implement and test Solidity smart contracts and deployed them on the Filecoin testnet and mainnet. In the web app, I utilized ethers.js to connect to the MetaMask wallet, allowing for the retrieval and minting of NFT information.

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