SafeView- IPFS Content moderation

Allows sites to add instant content moderation for IPFS links(cid)

SafeView- IPFS Content moderation

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Project Description

This is a service which accepts/scans cids(ipfs links) and runs a content moderation check on them. It updates a bloom-filter for the approved cids .(Whitelisting).

Its a good use-case for IPFS(cid) links because cids are fixed and will be re-used by lots of NFT and IPFS based Dapps. This can be a very useful platform tool that will benefit them.

Websites can use a simple script which can instantly check if the cid is approved by validating against the latest bloom-filter even without getting the content.

A Bloom filter is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure that is used to test whether an element is a member of a set. It can represent a large set of elements compared to an array.

How it's Made

Its main use case is for IPFS. As

The entire app is build with Express for ease of development. It can be done better, but this just a prototype.

It uses Azure computer vision apis to check the content. There are many other efficient options for this which we can upgrade to.

The bloom-filter js code is borrowed from jasondavies/bloomfilter.js. IPFS itself uses bloom filters to manage if nodes have a particular cid or not during content broadcast.

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