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Introducing a Safe video platform! 🎥 Authenticate with Worldcoin, stream via Livepeer, and ensure content safety with advanced NSFW checks. Plus, Ethereum attestations verify content integrity on OP mainnet. Safe and seamless


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Project Description

SafeStream Platform Overview

This platform is a decentralized video-sharing service that integrates multiple technologies to ensure user authenticity, content safety, and video streaming. It's designed to provide a seamless experience for users while maintaining high standards of content integrity and security.

Key Features & Components

  1. Worldcoin OIDC Authentication: To ensure that users are genuine and to prevent bot registrations
  2. Livepeer Video Streaming: To provide decentralized video streaming services.
  3. NSFW Content Detection:To ensure that the content uploaded by users is safe for viewing and doesn't violate platform guidelines.
  4. Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS): To verify the content's integrity. You can view the Attestations here

User Experience Flow

  1. Registration/Login: Users register or log in using Worldcoin's OIDC. This ensures that the user is genuine.
  2. Video Upload: Users can upload their videos to the platform.
  3. Video Processing: The uploaded video is processed for streaming via Livepeer and checked for NSFW content.
  4. Content Attestation: If the video passes the NSFW check, an Ethereum attestation is created, verifying its integrity.
  5. Video Playback: Users can then browse and view videos. Videos flagged as NSFW will have appropriate warnings or restrictions.
  6. User Management: Users can manage their videos, view their attestations, and delete content if needed.

Security & Scalability

  • Token Security: JWT tokens are used for user sessions, ensuring secure data transfer.
  • Content Safety: Advanced NSFW detection ensures the platform remains user-friendly and safe for all age groups.

This platform is a revolutionary step in combining decentralized video streaming with advanced content checks. It not only ensures user authenticity but also guarantees that the content remains safe and genuine, making it a trustworthy space for users to share and view videos.

How it's Made

Technologies Used

  1. Backend:

    • Node.js with Express: Serves as the backbone of the application, handling API requests and business logic.
    • Mongoose: An ODM (Object Data Modeling) library for MongoDB and Node.js, streamlining operations like data validation and query building.
    • OpenID Client: A library to interact with OIDC providers, in this case, Worldcoin.
    • Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) SDK: Used to create attestations on the Optimism Mainnet
  2. Frontend:

    • ReactJS: A popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It provides a component-based architecture, making the frontend modular and maintainable.
  3. Video Processing & Streaming:

    • Livepeer: A decentralized video streaming service
    • FFmpeg: A tool used to process multimedia content. In this project, it's used to generate random snapshots from videos for NSFW checking.
    • TensorFlow.js with NSFW.js: Used to detect NSFW content in the snapshots. and make decisions for videos
  4. Database:

    • MongoDB: A NoSQL database used to store user data and video metadata.
  5. Authentication:

    • Worldcoin OIDC: Provides a secure way to authenticate users using OpenID Connect.

Piecing It Together

  1. User Authentication:

    • When a user tries to register or log in, the Worldcoin OIDC is triggered. Once authenticated, a JWT token is generated and sent to the frontend. This token is used for subsequent authenticated requests.
  2. Video Upload & Streaming:

    • The frontend allows users to upload videos, which are first sent to the backend. The backend then uploads the video to Livepeer for decentralized streaming.
  3. NSFW Content Detection:

    • After uploading, the backend uses FFmpeg to generate random snapshots from the video. These snapshots are then processed using TensorFlow.js and NSFW.js to detect any inappropriate content.
  4. Ethereum Attestations:

    • If a video passes the NSFW check, an attestation is created using the EAS SDK and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This attestation verifies the video's integrity and approval status.
  5. ReactJS Frontend:

    • The frontend, built with ReactJS, communicates with the backend through API calls. It provides interfaces for user registration, login, video upload, and playback. The frontend also displays attestation url and NSFW flags/warnings where necessary.
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