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An explorer solely made for safe's ecosystem to show transactions of safe wallets


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🆕 The Graph — 🥈 Best New Subgraph or Substream

Project Description

The project uses subgraphs to index the safe transactions and provide a UI for users and developers to view the transaction on a website instead of trying to understand etherscans logs to get the information needed.

This website can be used as an alternative to show transactions made using safe wallets , since account abstracted wallets are given first preference in the website.

How it's Made

This projcet uses subgraphs to index safe multi sig and safe module transactions from polygon chain. THis is later used to display the recent safe transactions in the website.

Once the recent transactions are fetched, it uses the safe's endpoint to display information regarding the transaction.

This project can later be enriched to show details such as gelato/4337 gas fees paid too.

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