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Safe Stack

Developement of Dollars cost averaging methods (investissement protocol) on gnosis chain. Using Safe and Gelato we will allud to a costumer to invest on a longe periode of time the same amount in order to reduce looses.

Safe Stack

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ETHGlobal Lisbon

Project Description

We are developing a dollar cost averaging investment protocol on the Gnosis chain. Using Safe and Gelato, we will allow customers to invest a fixed amount over a longer period of time, each T time, in order to reduce losses and risks. We also want to apply a Safe Kit : Onramp, allowing customers to purchase ethers directly with their credit cards.

How it's Made

React: JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React Bootstrap: UI framework for responsive web design. CSS: Styling the components and layouts. Gnosis Blockchain openzeppelin libraries Uniswap libraries Gelato libraries Safe libraries Firstly, we wanted to implement the On-Ramp Kit from Safe to use fiat money to start a Safe account. It did not happen. The customer connects his, already filled with ether, wallet. He chooses the amount of ethers to invest, the token he wants to invest in, the total amount of time and frequency of investment during which the DCA will apply. A Safe account is created, and the total amount of ethers, that will be invested, is sent to the Safe account via the Protocol Kit of Safe Launch of the Gelato's automation protocol in JavaScript, we do the transfer of a part of the ether from the Safe Account to the wallet. A smart contract swap the ether for the wanted token on Uniswap. Transfer of the tokens on the Safe account. Repeat the process thanks to the automate process of Gelato at the interval of time chose. Gelato for automatization, uniswap beause it's the best liquidity pool, safe for the security of the smart contract and the possibility to include a payment space in our platerform thanks to their Kit.

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