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Sadaiv ID

Proof of Work protocol for Developers powered by Polygon ID.

Sadaiv ID

Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Project Description

Building an on-chain privacy-first verifiable self-soverign developer identity.

The developer identity is aimed to resolve the issue of developers, as they need to provide their proof of work manually to get jobs, scholarships, opportunities and helping them get a clear reputation metric by collecting their contributions from different platform to blockchain.

proof-of-work for developers, we are building a privacy-first self-soverign verifiable developer identity. Developer activities today includes:

  • Code Contributions
  • Hackathons
  • Courses / Training
  • Jobs For certificates & proof of achievements like hackathon participation courses, POAPs etc. we are using Polygon ID and building custom app to hold claims privately and use them to verify without revealing full information.

How it's Made

We started it all by setting up custom Polygon ID issuer node using docker on our machine to test and experiment with it. It was very typical as it's my first time with any zk product.

Then, after setting up Polygon ID issuer I started working on mobile app with features that are important to have like wallet SDK integration for saving claims, generating proofs, etc.

It's totally powered by Polygon ID to solve Proof of Work problem for developers and help them build on-chain identity and reputation.

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