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RPS Onchain

This is a simple on chain Rock, Paper, Scissors game where users can have fun challenge other users, win ERC20 point tokens per match, challenge other users stake and win rewards, Earn rare NFTs as achievements.

RPS Onchain

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

RPS Onchain is a simple rock, paper, scissors game, built on zkevm it's designed with the commit reveal scheme to ensure moves are kept secret, and secure.

The game is multiplayer, meaning it's between two people, a game might be staked or unstaked both staked and unstaked game rewards the winner with RPST point tokens (ERC20), winners also wins achievements NFT depending on the number of unique address you have defeated.

RPST point token is the token use in ranking gamers on the Leaderboard, leveraging on the graph protocol.

On the staked game one or both players can stake, Native tokens, ERC20 tokens and NFTs, the winner takes all the bet.

You get your first achievement NFT when you win your first battle and the highest when you win your 390625 battle with a unique address.

How it's Made

At the core, this game is powered by solidity smart contracts (Hardhat), a Nextjs frontend, tailwindcss, wagmi, pusher-js for chatting and the graph protocol for indexing Points token transfer (for leaderboard). It leverages the low gas fees of zkevm to make onchain gaming cheap, fast, and fun. The app leverages the cheap cost of transactions on the polygon zkevm and the scroll zkevm.

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