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RPC provider AVS

Eigenlayer Actively validated service for RPC providers. Incentivize RPC providers. Increase geographic decentralization. Reduce censorship and MEV capture away from users

RPC provider AVS

Created At

ETHGlobal London

Winner of


Nethermind - Staking/restaking innovations 2nd place


Arbitrum - Qualifying Arbitrum Submissions

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Project Description

RPC providers are a centralization pain point for ethereum. Sic. Tornadocash censorship, mev and payment for orderflow resulting in users being front/back run and loosing out.
Incentives for running ETH rpcs are non-existent even though theyre the main entry point for users to interface with onchain. Heavy centralization towards MM default/infura/consensys or perhaps paradigm.

Goals: Incentivize independent smaller RPC providers. Incentivize LST protocols and small/solo stakers to offer public RPCs to users. Diversify RPC landscape. Reduce payment for order flow and mev capture at main centralization points like infura/metamask default RPC. Reduce total network censorship. Decentralize RPC providers geographically vs current centralization with infura arch running in US.


  • Rpc operator purchases token (mockERC20 here, ref RPCOPToken)
  • RPC operator signs up via registry contract (provided by eigenlayer) by running make cli-setup-operator using their RPCOPToken as a stake and their default rpc uri.
  • Task generator in aggregator.go runs offchain, creating tasks to check RPC ping response times/censorship status.
  • Validators that opt into this AVS run operator.go from geographically distinct locations
  • Consume Task stream generated by aggregator.go. Generate response times from RPC URI in task
  • Aggregator aggregates responses
  • RPC operators are incentivized and awarded tokens (MockERC20/RPCOPToken here, same as used to sign up/register for the service
  • RPC operators with prolonged downtime or heavy censoring or incorrect responses have stakes slashed (TODO/not impl)

How it's Made

  • combines rpc infra and eigenlayer avs for net positive economic incentives
  • built using the eigenlayer Incredible Squaring AVS demo code
  • Go lang, offchain aggregator and operator
  • onchain registry contracts from eigenlayer; aggregate and task service manager
  • tested via go test, forge test, and anvil
  • Partner targets : Nethermind, L2s that may introduce more RPCs/MEV
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