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a decentralized node services according to the devp2p to find nodes this will reuse network node and if you run the full node with open RPC will get the reward, Pos consensus needs to be introduced to detect whether the node is running, It will serve dapp and eth2.0 beacon cha


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Project Description

Ethereum's full nodes become more and more expensive to maintain, and even fast synchronization can take a long time. Many contract developers deploy contracts only through Infura, but it has a limited number of times and requires registration, which is cumbersome. In Ethereum 2.0, each beacon chain node needs to connect 1.0 nodes. If it is too complicated for the verifier to build the node by yourself, it needs to build 1.0 nodes, beacon chain nodes and verify the human node. I want to get a batch of RPC nodes through P2P network. The availability of RPC node data can be verified by light les protocol, which can save some costs。

How it's Made

use ethereum devp2p node discovery v4, if peers < 8, local node will find nodes. when i get many enode, i will use rpc.dial(ip+port) try connect. if connect ,i will store it. according chainid and networkid find useful nodes,use les protocol getbalance or other method verify rpc nodes result.

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