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Speculate on NFT floor prices in betting pools, and even trade the pool rewards as an NFT.


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Project Description

A user can select any NFT collection on various chains tracked by Covalent API, and create a betting game NFT which tracks the floor price of an NFT collection by a certain date. The user that created this NFT gets a small cut of the betting which occurs on both sides of a binary event, like will BAYC floor price be > 100ETH on date X? Users will see this NFT on any marketplace like OpenSea and be able to bet on it or buy the game directly and potentially profit from the outcome of the betting game.

How it's Made

We use Chainlink to pull NFT market data from Covalent. This allows users to speculate on Ethereum NFTs from Polygon, benefiting from the low fees. A user creates an ERC-721 to represent a betting game where a binary event occurs on a certain date. Users submit bets to the game NFT which holds the bets until the event occurs. Any winner can initiate the payout in the React app.

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