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RIP-7212 Onboarding

Using Coinbase Smart Wallet, I created an onboarding demo where users do not need to install any extension, store any seed phrases, or pay any gas fees while maintaining a top level of security of their wallet's private key using a combination of RIP-7212 and EIP-4337.

RIP-7212 Onboarding

Created At

ETHGlobal Sydney

Project Description

It's a demo showcasing a seamless onboarding experience powered by two key improvement proposals; RIP-7212 and EIP-4337.

It generates a new public-private key pair using the secp256r1 curve, then deploys a smart contract wallet using EIP-4337 with the functionality to verify signatures on the secp256r1 curve using the precompile added in RIP-7212.

How it's Made

I built a simple frontend application with Next.js, Typescript, shadcn/ui.

For the web3 aspects such as connecting wallet and minting NFTs, I used thirdweb.

Thirdweb has an integration with Coinbase smart wallet to power the onboarding experience, creating new wallets that follow the secp256r1 curve, and deploying smart wallets with EIP-4337.

For gasless transactions, I used Base which sponsors the fees of smart contract wallets on the Base Sepolia testnet.

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