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Rill is a platform that will be used for e-sport tournaments. Players get rewarded instantly or after a gameround has been concluded and distribute prizes depending on their achievements


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Project Description

Rill wants to bring the tension in a competition during e-sport events to the next level.

We can reward gamers for their performance after every kill, every round, or even after completing quests. If you are playing in a team, we can also allocate shares to the team members, based on who did the most work, assists.

Spice up the game with custom achievements, complete in-game objectives to win NFT badges. E.g:

  • Survive the round without using any weapons and you will get the peacemaker NFT badge.
  • Eliminate the highest-scoring opponent with a knife, you will earn the bounty hunter NFT badge. The possibilities are endless

Nobody likes (rage) quitters, especially when you are flexing your super awesome skills. With Rill we can also prevent (rage) quitters. To be able to play a game, the player needs to stake an amount. This amount will be returned to him in a stream. So if he leaves mid-game, he will only have earned his stake back for the amount of time he was in the game.

When the user logs into his dashboard, he can see his NFTs and a real-time log when someone kills another player.

How it's Made

** Polygon **

Our NFTs are being minted on the polygon network. Money streaming is also being done on the test network of polygon, Mumbai.

** Web3Auth **

Web3Auth is being used to log in so the player can reach his dashboard.

** NFTPort **

We are using NFTPort to mint our NFTs

** Superfluid**

Is being used to stream and instant distribute between all the players

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