Rightoken is a stock market for music IP that allows musicians to keep control of their work and monetize it on their own terms


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Project Description

Rightoken is a tool to enable the trading of legal rights to songs. Tokenholders are entitled to sound recording copyrights and royalties in proportion to their ownership of all outstanding Rightokens for a song. This lets artists easily share the profits from their song with fans and gives them early access to capital and the ability to decide exactly how much ownership to put on the market.

How it's Made

Rightoken is a Next.js React app. Users connect their wallet using web3-react. The platform uses Ethers and OpenZeppelin to enable artists to deploy a custom ERC20 contract which creates new Rightokens for a song. Rightoken then uses UniswapV2Router02 to take the steps required to create and fund a new Uniswap liquidity pool using the new ERC20 Rightokens paired with Eth. The artist is able to indicate the value of their song and choose how much tokenized ownership to make available automatically on Uniswap. Lastly, a link is generated for an artist to share which brings a user directly to the song's LP. This means fans can invest in the song and the artist can access Eth in exchange for shares of their work with just a single link.

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