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An adventure game to learn about Web3 in a fun way! No technical stuff.


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Project Description

Join the Web3 revolution with Revolte!

Our adventure game introduces users to the world of blockchain, wallets, tokens, and more, with mandatory tasks like wallet installation to guide players through the story. Explore real Web3 applications and experience the potential of this transformative technology.

  1. Story

Embark on an unforgettable journey that begins in the fictitious land of Listenbourg, in October of 2023. A shocking discovery of a vast counterfeit currency network has sent the country into chaos, and in a bold move to save the economy from ruin, the government outlaws cash.

As you assume the role of Azad, an intrepid journalist from the Lurenberg Post, a whistleblower contacts you with a game-changing tipoff - an unparalleled financial and political scandal is about to be exposed.

Are you up for the challenge? Brace yourself for an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't hesitate - join Azad and discover what lies ahead!

  1. Description

With this adventure game we’re trying to help people get into web3 without scaring them off with all the complicated technical stuff.

Simply follow the adventure, no additional instruction is required. Each chapter has different objectives, as described below, to enter smoothly into Web3 and into our world...

Chapter 1 - It leads to the installation of the wallet for the new comers. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the story and make the world we’ve created feel more real and interesting.

Chapter 2 - this one is for the users to experiment (on the testnet) the basics of web3, like making a transaction, swap, using a bridge, nft…

Chapter 3 (on the mainnet). This chapter will be dedicated to showcase existing protocols and integrate them in our story. Users will have to interact with those protocols, as if it was part of the story, to continue the adventure. This chapter is under preparation.

3) Genesis

With Irruption Lab (, we are building applications for web3 democratization, and the Revolte project is part of it. We have already created several projects, and the feedback from the newcomers was always the same: Why do I need to install a wallet? What is a transaction? Why do I need gas? Why do I need to sign/approve messages all the time? Why can't I log in with email and password like everywhere else? What are the real use cases of the technology? Blockchain, you mean Bitcoin?

Something is missing ! Without easy/fun Web3 on-ramp, a mass adoption is utopian. With our adventure game Revolte, we are trying to help people get into web3 without scaring them off with all the complicated technical stuff.

Inspirations: Cryptozombie ( to learn Solidity langage, and Ethereumhacker ( to learn about smart contracts vulnerabilities.

How it's Made

1 - Tracking progression of users in the adventure using MUD. After leaving the app users can come back to the page they left without starting the adventure from the beginning. 2 - Minting an NFT at the end of the first Chapter using NFT-storage as proof of completion. This features will be added at the end of each coming episodes as a reward for the users.

We also use React

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