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Review Hunter

A Web3-native verifiable review protocol to help projects & brands collect reviews from verified customers.

Review Hunter

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ETHGlobal Paris

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🏊 The Graph — Pool Prize

Project Description

Review Hunter addresses two significant challenges in the consumer industry by leveraging Web3 technology and on-chain data to:

  1. combat fake reviews on traditional Web2 platforms
  2. create the first verifiable review portal for Web3 native projects and topics

Users can log in using an EVM wallet, while ensuring the authenticity and permanence of reviews.

One key feature of Review Hunter is the option for users to choose whether their reviews remain public or private. As every review is bound to the user's wallet address and included in the same transaction, users have ownership over their reviews and can monetize them in multiple ways.

For public reviews, users can accumulate on-chain reputation, which may lead to opportunities for paid consultation. Other consumers seeking to purchase the same product can ask questions, while merchants launching new products can find target customers through Review Hunter's platform.

Review Hunter employs a robust protocol to score the verifiability of consumers and reviews. It conducts on-chain data analysis of previous transaction histories, spending habits, and assets held by users. Additionally, our voting mechanism allows consumers to rate the credibility of each review.

How it's Made

The project was built with the smart contract top of mind, which stores the reviews and other essential information. The smart contracts have been deployed on various EVM chains, with priority on low cost and high NFT volume (i.e. Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, and Gnosis). TheGraph is used to grab events emitted from interactions with the smart contract which allows the front-end to get important information for a great UI/UX.

The review content and the rating is stored on decentralized storage (using Arweave and the option for Filecoin is coming soon) and the link to the Arweave tx is what's stored in the smart contract.

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