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Reunited opens the door to thousands of people whose loved ones are missing to find them in a descentrlalized way


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Project Description

This platform allows posting missing people on a smart contract using a custodial wallet structure. Easing the interaction and posting of missing people on the polygon blockchain through an email and password.

The data and photo gets stored into an NFT, hosted on the IPFS and compared through an AI model. The comparision is performed by matching the NFT with the biometric metadata from the uploaded photo .

How it's Made

We used polygon's and IPFS tech stack to post data on a descentralized database.

Custodial wallet structurs are used make the intercation with polygon's blockchain easier for non-web3 users. They will only need to upload the photo and data of their missing loved one on our UI and log in with email and password.

That data will be used to create NFTs on polygon's blockchain though RPC commands embeded with our APIs.

We use a 721 smart contract as the database. Then, anyone that encounters a potential missing person may use their device camera to compare this person against the data stored on the NFTs to find a match.

The main benefits of this approach are both an immutable database of missing people, empowering anyone to both look for missing people and report found people.

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