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DataDAO for research articles based on quadratic voting to perpetually store research papers and incentivize research!


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

This project is based on the RDAO governance token. It allows anyone to submit a project to the DAO which will then be reviewed by the RDAO holders who can vote for their favorite articles based on quadratic voting. Once the voting is closed, the accepted papers are rewarded as well as the voters and the Final proceedings is perpetually saved thanks to light house. Current submissions as well as all the accepted papers are displayed on the front-end. All the variables (submission fee, vote cost, ...) can be changed as the DAO evolves.

How it's Made

This project uses @lighthouse behind the scenes to store the current submissions as well as the final accepted papers. The quadratic voting part as is at the core of the concept of this project. A tricky situation during the implementation was to manage and keep track of a lot of information as the votes, the token used the cids of the articles across all proceedings. This was necessary because the data is meant to be stored perpetually.

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