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Reimagine-NFT is an NFTs reuse, repurpose tools. Not just bored Avatar, Music, etc


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Reimagine-NFT is an NFTs reuse, repurpose tool. Currently, NFTs like photos, videos, audios or other digital files only use for an avatar, personal entertainment, or idle inside wallet/blockchain. NFTs can achieve more than that! Use it in your daily life, embed the photos, music, videos into the invitation email, digital postcard, zoom virtual background, and more. Share the uniqueness with friends and family. Instead of direct burn the NFTs, users can create a memento of NFTs before burned, may valueless but still fun to do it!

How it's Made

Due to the wrong deadline spotted, this project was only able to implement Covalent API to retrieve NFTs assets. Besides this, ReNFT can use Unlock protocol to create premium services of the platform to users.

ENS domain name to embed on art creation, make it readable for the recipient.

IPFS,, Ceramic Storage, Textile to store newly minted recreation NFTs that send to friends and family.

Audius to discover and get unique music NFTs to embed into art, audio postcards.

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