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Remix : Future is Co-Creative


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Project Description

value Proposition Amateur artists can access resources from other artists. Smaller artists can piggy-back on the work of others to gain traction. Artists can earn royalties based on time-limited license sales. These licenses do not have a cost of creation due to Lazy NFT minting. The author commits to not increase the number of licenses after the sale is closed.

Potential Is making license-selling visually engaging. In the case of art also collectible due to the limited edition sales. For IP, this means selling blue prints of patents with a direct connection to the original invention, which connects royalties back to the original author while allowing the co-creator to also earn by its modifications.

Brief about the IDea Creation A (the original), acknowledges by this smart contract that creation A is of full authorship of Author A (the original creator) [This is already part of an ERC721] while enabling the owner (Author B) of the remixing license (the NFT) to remix the Creation A as pleased. [This is what will be added] The smart contract operating between Author A and Author B automates the payment of royalties based on the percentage of original art left without modifying [this calculation is made through an AI recognition and comparison between pieces (like the YouTube software)].

Continuing royalties on remixed pieces: Allow Licenses to track its authors, and remixers, while automatically sending royalties to authors.

Allow a chain of remix that sends royalties upto a level of modification: if the first remix should be 25% different that the original, the second one should be 25% diff than the first remix, while keeping 25% difference to the original piece, thus it might be considered a new piece of art by this moment. In this case, potential scenarios can happen: The remix license of the second author, can be a new license that only pay royalties to the first remixer, and not anymore to the original author. Or The remix license keeps paying to the original author in proportion to the % of art that keeps present in the piece to be remixed.

Law will decide the scenario to be applied, the important thing is that blockchain allows tracking, automated payment, and fair recognition to all involved.

How it's Made

Frontend being made using React and many react libraries

Payment Is done using CIRCLE API

Mining was supposed to be done by Rareible ( didn't have time to finish )

Using Figma for design and many online resources to look for

It was tough for a web2 developer to use circle but it was fun

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