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Relief Link

"Sign up to instantly receive aid post-disaster—fully automated through Chainlink Oracles. With Worldcoin and Unlimit enhancing security and simplifying onboarding, quickly fund insurance or access humanitarian aid via wearable NFC technology."

Relief Link

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ETHGlobal Sydney

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Worldcoin - Best Public Goods Use Case


ETHGlobal - 🏆 ETHGlobal Sydney Finalist

Project Description

Relief Link is an innovative service designed to automatically distribute aid immediately following disasters, utilizing blockchain technology for efficient and secure operations. It integrates Chainlink Oracles for real-time disaster monitoring and automated transactions, ensuring timely assistance to those affected within a specific geographical scope. The system onboards users, even those new to cryptocurrency, via Unlimit and third web's Account Abstraction, facilitating easy entry with fiat currency options. Personhood is verified using Worldcoin to maintain system integrity and prevent fraud, ensuring that aid is distributed once per verified user. Our platform leverages PredictHQ's API to track and analyze the impact of various natural disasters—like floods, wildfires, and earthquakes—within 100 kilometers of a user's registered location. This data is visualized on our website, offering insights into recent disaster trends across the Asia-Pacific region. By automating checks and minimizing API response sizes, Relief Link operates efficiently, reducing transaction fees and providing immediate financial support directly to affected policyholders' wallets when disasters strike.

How it's Made

Relief Link was meticulously developed using a synergy of innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, particularly focusing on integrations with Worldcoin, Chainlink, Unlimit, and Nouns DAO. Our project leverages the strengths of each partner technology to create a robust and reliable system for immediate disaster aid distribution, showcasing the power of collaboration in the blockchain space.

Technology Integration and Partner Benefits:

Chainlink Oracles: A cornerstone of our application, Chainlink Oracles facilitate real-time data verification and automation of transactions based on external disaster events. This integration ensures that aid distributions are triggered automatically and accurately when conditions meet predefined criteria, offering transparency and reliability which are crucial for disaster response. Worldcoin: By integrating Worldcoin, we ensure the integrity of aid distribution. Worldcoin's technology verifies the identity of each recipient, guaranteeing that aid is disbursed fairly and prevents fraudulent claims. This is essential for maintaining trust and accountability within our platform, especially when managing resources meant for disaster relief. Unlimit: We partnered with Unlimit to streamline the onboarding of users new to the blockchain. Unlimit’s frictionless fiat onramp services allow users to fund their wallets easily and engage with our insurance products without prior blockchain experience, thus expanding our service’s accessibility and user base. Nouns DAO: Our collaboration with Nouns DAO brings in a unique cultural and community element through the use of Nouns avatars. These avatars not only enhance user experience but also foster a sense of community and belonging, which is vital during recovery from disasters. Noteworthy Technical Details:

Monorepo Approach: We adopted a monorepo structure for our full-stack development, enabling cohesive updates, streamlined testing, and robust deployment processes across our front-end, back-end, and smart contract management. This approach simplifies the complexity typically associated with blockchain-based applications and smart contract integrations. Smart Contract Deployment: All our contracts are deployed on the Base Sepolia Testnet, allowing for rigorous testing and iteration in a cost-effective manner. This strategic choice facilitates rapid development and scaling of our project while keeping overhead low. API Optimization: To minimize transaction fees and enhance performance, our servers optimize the payloads from PredictHQ’s API. This bespoke solution reduces blockchain transaction sizes, cutting costs and increasing the speed of data processing, crucial for timely disaster response. In conclusion, Relief Link exemplifies a cutting-edge application of blockchain technology for humanitarian aid, supported by strategic partnerships that enhance its efficacy and reach. Our project not only demonstrates technical innovation but also a commitment to using technology to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by disasters.

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