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Imagine incentivizing participation with community specific ERC20 tokens.


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Project Description

The Internet is still in public beta. Coordinating via data messages instantly and globally is cool, but Web3 builds in that similar instant access and coordination with real value and ownership. How this path between Web2 and Web3 forms remains a foggy mystery.

Reddit recently launched a campaign to answer this question with the inclusion of tokenized subreddits to incentivize and coordinate communities on the platform. Unfortunately, while Ethereum is the most decentralized option for this type of system, the gas fees and user experience remain insurmountable for adoption to occur.

This Reddit DAO project focused on answering the question of how Reddit could create a system for automated token distribution in response to user action. The experience is put together using Kchannels state channel for feeless transactions and an Abridged contract account with OAuth for simple account management.

How it's Made

Abridged - smart contract wallet and relayer architecture (sdk) - OAuth onboarding and key management

Kchannels - horizontally scalable state channel solution (repo)

The submission for the HackFS hackathon required a significant effort and coordination to properly execute. There are always challenges to overcome with integrating into new API interfaces, as well as building with new technologies like Kchannels. We're super proud of our product demo, and think it serves as a strong base to expand from down the line.

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