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ReCO2 — your pathway to understand, measure, and offset daily carbon emissions using cryptocurrency using Telegram Web App


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ETHGlobal Lisbon

Project Description

With this Telegram Web App, you can measure your daily carbon footprint and offset it using cryptocurrency. In three easy steps, you can contribute to a greener future:

  1. Log your daily activities.
  2. Get an instant calculation of your CO2 emissions.
  3. Connect your wallet and offset your carbon footprint with crypto.

Our app turns your everyday choices into opportunities for environmental stewardship. Make a positive impact with each decision, and use advanced technology to help the planet.

How it's Made

Our project uses Node.js, React, SQL, and APIs from Telegram and MetaMask. Node.js powers our server-side application, managing tasks like database interactions and API interfacing. React is used for our client-side application, creating an interactive user interface.

We use a SQL database to manage data, including user information and transaction records. Our server-side application communicates with this database, performing necessary operations via SQL queries.

The Telegram API facilitates our integration with the Telegram messaging platform, enabling users to receive direct notifications and updates within their Telegram app.

The MetaMask API integrates a non-custodial wallet into the Telegram web application, providing users a way to manage Ethereum assets within our app.

The most challenging aspect was developing a shop using new Telegram Web App Technology that interacts with these non-custodial wallets.

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