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Realm of Pepe

Realm of Pepe is a cooperative Adventure RPG with novel resource-management mechanics, powered by Superfluid. Collect resources, trade and progress through stages to defeat the Evil Pepe.

Realm of Pepe

Created At

Autonomous Worlds

Winner of


🏆 Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

  • In this project, we’ve created a novel adventure RPG world in which resources are represented with tokens. Resource gathering, trading and crafting are represented in streams rather than one-off transactions.
  • Players must find resource nodes scattered around the map and receive their resources in ongoing streams
  • Traders allow swapping resource for crafting materials in an ongoing stream, which can be sent onwards to build soldiers represented as evolving NFTs
  • Completing the evolving NFTs in each zone will unlock the next zone - there are four zones planned, with the final containing the game's final boss - Evil Pepe
  • The game ends when enough resources from the final stage have been streamed towards Evil Pepe, and players collaborate to complete the round in the shortest time

How it's Made

  • We did a custom deployment of Superfluid Protocol to enable streamable assets in MUD
  • We created a custom integration between MUD and Superfluid Protocol using Lattice's PhaserX template, enabling interaction with Superfluid from the game frontend
  • We also solved for optimistic updates of the frontend to enable seamless navigation of the game map
  • We use burner wallets, and a zero-gas blockchain configuration to simplify user onboarding
  • We implemented custom Super Tokens to represent assets, and an evolving NFT contract which changes forms as the total amount of resources streamed to it increase
  • We also implemented a custom swapper contract which accepts a stream in and streams back another token
  • We used a combination of downloaded and modified assets from free online sources and created some original designs for the game’s UI and character designs
  • We composed the game’s original music score using 16-bit instruments
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