A real Estate NFT liquidity / wrapping platform that can provide access to DeFi to a lot more people.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Our ambition is to create a DAO that will be able to handle Real Estate in a decentralised manner. To be able to achieve this our first step was to be able to tokenise in an ERC721 an already existing property, and then use this to unlock liquidity. We combine the data from a real estate API already on Chainlink and the legal deed that proves the ownership of the real estate.

How it's Made

We essentially use three components: an EC721 contract that tokenises the real estate property, IPFS for hosting the data from Chainlink and a real estate API/ a surveyor validation and the real-estate deed that legitimises the owner to tokenise the property, Then a staking contract that provides liquidity. We would also have a front that allows anyone to use their real estate as collateral to have access to liquidity/DeFi

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