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Real World Ag Assets

Farmers in the Global South are Stuck in Poverty. Token Gated Access for Private Real World Agriculture Asset

Real World Ag Assets

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ETHGlobal Sydney

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Avail - Best appchain/rollup/project built with Avail DA

Project Description

A low cost way to record land data, farm input needs & crop status

Globally over half a billion smallholder farms lack productivity or income stability due to low visibility to and from input and output supply chains.

This limits access to agronomy science and financial services.

Many farmers also lack clear land use rights, inhibiting willingness to invest in the land, or the ability to securing working capital, agri insurance or NGO support.

Ra is a low cost way to record land data, farm input needs & crop status:

  • to make land more productive, providing greater income and food security
  • empowers collective bargaining for inputs and outputs prices
  • reduces stranglehold of local buying intermediaries thru greater transparency to downstream supply chains
  • opens inclusion into formal financial ecosystems, giving better access to capital, financial tools & NGO programs

How it's Made

1st parameter for MVP: Boundary - define farm perimeter boundary of “Pink Valley Farm” using QGIS and store as locked GeoPackage file/data Create AES key Encrypt data and upload to Avail Create an ERC-721 token representing the rights to access the data Register the AES key on the key server Place unlock key(s) on Ethereum Sepolia testnet Create UI using ERC5169 with TokenScript to: 1. store keys; 2. view GeoPackage data User can share access rights to other users which triggers a child token mint To access data user signs a challenge, and send a request to the server with their token ID. Server checks token ownership to ensure user is authorised to access the key and sends key to user Key is used to decrypt data held in Avail

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