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"re4min" is a web3 dynamic performance art and generated music


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🏊‍♂️ NFTPort - Pool Prize

Project Description

"re4min" is a dynamic performance art and generated music. By purchasing and re-trading a certain number NFT parcels of land while refilling with 64 different notes, all plot owners continuously complete and regenerate this music.

As the first web3 music production, a DAO to co-manage this production is indispensable. Participants will be able to earn revenues from secondary licensing of music, negotiate the direction of music and even release additional parcels - the DAO by "re4min" has infinite possibilities and unlimited openness!

How it's Made

The idea of "re4min" was generated by young artist DyCA Chao. There is a variety of NFTs on the market, but most of them lack usage scenarios. Why not build something with strong user engagement?

So we decided to combine the feature of regular NFT with community co-creation and let everyone who owns those NFTs could participate in a grand art movement.

We utilized ERC-721 as NFT standard. Creators who buy a NFT land will be part of the art movement and be able to determine the sound of a parcel. License of the ever-changing art will be shared by all land owners. Royalty will be distributed to each owner by a smart contract when the music was used commercially.

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