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RarX - Advanced NFT Marketplace

Rarx is a multi-chain and cross-chain advanced NFT marketplace with features like AI NFT Generation, Cross-chain NFTs, On-chain NFT Collections, Realtime Notifications, Subscriptions for artists, and many other features at one place

RarX - Advanced NFT Marketplace

Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


πŸ”Ÿ Push Protocol β€” Top 10


πŸ† Intmax β€” Best Use


πŸ‘― Polybase β€” Pool Prize


πŸ₯‡ Connext β€” Best Crosschain App


πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ UMA & Across β€” Pool Prize


πŸ“œ Scroll β€” Just Deploy!

Project Description

We are not an ordinary marketplace !!!
Rarx is an advanced NFT marketplace where you can create-buy-sell-collect NFTs from various collections and artists. We offer various new features and also solve problems that existing NFT marketplaces have. Rarx is the first marketplace to offer AI NFT Generation and minting functionality where users can generate AI NFTs by detailing a situation in text format. Another essential feature is cross-chain NFTs, where users can bridge their NFTs from one chain to another chain. On the RarX marketplace users can also create on-chain collections and mint NFTs from that collection. Because of On-chain collections interoperability is maintained, and because of this we can onboard users and artists from other marketplaces to use our marketplace.

We also allow our users to chat with other users and artists, this will help our platform users to communicate with NFT holders and top artists. Our marketplace has another unique feature where users can support their favorite artists by subscribing to their membership and accessing membership perks provided by the particular artist. Other than this our marketplace has real-time notifications for NFT sales, Artist subscription updates, NFT and Collection minting, etc.

We have built this project from a production perspective, and we have added many features that will attract users to our marketplace and eventually increase our sales volume. The more volume we get the more commission we earn (1.5% on every NFT Sale)

How it's Made

We have integrated a lot of technologies to make our marketplace stand out and make it more useful. We started working on this project from a production perspective as we want to take our marketplace live and solve problems that existing NFT marketplaces have and simultaneously offer crazy and useful functionalities which will attract users to our marketplace. Talking about the technologies we are using next.js and tailwind for frontend, solidity for smart contracts, and hardhat for smart contract testing and deployments, IPFS for storing NFT metadata, also we are not using any centralized database just to maintain the decentralized environment of our marketplace.

Now talking about the sponsor technologies we are using, below is the point-by-point mention of the tech and how they benefit our marketplace:

  1. Connext: we are using connext and NFTHashi for cross-chain NFTs. Connext makes the process of bridging NFTs very easy in our marketplace.
  2. Polybase: This is the backbone of our marketplace, we are using polybase to store instances of users, NFTs, and collections when created on-chain. As it is a decentralized database with no downtime issues, we are fetching all the data from the polybase itself on our marketplace.
  3. Push Protocol: we are using push protocol for real-time notifications, and chat between users is also handled by push chat. Push protocol respects the privacy of every chat as the messages are encrypted and stored on-chain.
  4. Intmax: To provide a smooth user experience for the users who are using our marketplace on mobile phones and tablets we are using the Intmax wallet. Intmax wallet provides a lot of cool features like biometric verifications which eventually improve the UX of our marketplace.
  5. UMA: We are using UMA's Optimistic Oracle to verify the NFT Collections. UMA OO is very helpful for verifications such as verifications of NFT collections to find out whether the owner/artist of that collection is legit or if the collection was plagiarised or copied and check several other things.

Also as our marketplace is a multi-chain marketplace, we have deployed it on 6 different chains :

  1. Gnosis chain: Gnosis Chain is a highly decentralized EVM blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions, scalability, community, and sustainable growth.
  2. Polygon chain: Polygon zkEVM is the first zero-knowledge scaling solution that is fully equivalent to an EVM.
  3. Scroll chain: Scroll is a zero-knowledge roll-up built to scale Ethereum.
  4. Filecoin chain: FVM brings user programmability to Filecoin, unleashing the enormous potential of an open data economy.
  5. Taiko chain: Taiko enables developers and users to experience Ethereum securely, with lower transaction fees, and without needing to consider any changes.
  6. Mantle chain: Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network built with modular architecture delivering low fees and high security.
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