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Rarepress is an NFT Operating System for minting, trading, and programming NFTs, effortlessly.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Rarepress lets you turn anything into Non Fungible Tokens (ERC721) or Fungible Tokens (ERC1155) with simple API calls, powered by decentralized Rarible NFT marketplace protocol on Ethereum.

Rarepress interacts with the Rarible contract through super simple interface to take care of all the complex details of minting and managing NFTs so you can just focus on tokenizing whatver you want.

  1. No Ether needed: No need to own Ether or spend money. You can mint anything as NFT for free thanks to Lazy minting (an approach where the transaction costs of minting the NFT is deferred to the first buyer instead of the creator).
  2. No prior Ethereum exprience needed: You don't need to learn Web3.js, Solidity, or any of the Ethereum related tech. If you know JavaScript, you can start building programmatic NFT systems in just a few minutes!
  3. No maintenance needed: No need to write and deploy a solidity contract. No need to manage your own backend for managing tokens. No need to run your own IPFS node. It's all taken care of automatically.
  4. No limits: With NFT programming this easy, Rarepress opens doors to all kinds of tokenization possibilities. Use your imagination, you can tokenize literally ANYTHING! NFTs are not just for art or collectibles, it can be much more!

Basically, all you need is a couple of lines of JavaScript code and you can mint NFT in any app.

How it's Made

  1. Rarible Protocol: Rarepress is essentially a user friendly operating system for interacting with the recently released Rarible protocol, a decentralized NFT marketplace protocol on Ethereum which supports powerful features such as offline signing, lazy minting, onchain royalties, time based bids, ERC20 token exchange and more. I have studied the entire protocol and came up with an abstraction that's intuitive to understand and use, for both minting and creating trade positions (buy and sell orders)

  2. IPFS: Rarepress is laser focused on providing the most frictionless and no-barrier way to build and program NFTs, and one of the hurdle was IPFS. Until now, everyone had to either run their own IPFS node or sign up for some pinning service before even posting anything to IPFS. The insight with Rarepress is that all NFT marketplaces replicate IPFS files anyway, and there is much easier way to take advantage of this and allow developers to easily mint NFTs without even touching IPFS. Instead of adding directly to IPFS, they add files to what's called "Virtual IPFS", an HTTP gateway that Rarepress supports. The files are not immediately shared on the IPFS network but they are still made accessible through HTTP at the same calculated CID they will be available through once they get minted. This way, the developers don't have to worry about IPFS replication issues and quirks and replication infrastructure until they really need to. In most cases, they don't need to worry about this ever, since the NFT marketplaces replicate all files for them anyway. In case they do need to ensure persistence, Rarepress supports ways to replicate the files "after the fact", which is much simpler than beginning from IPFS replication from the get go. I think this will help immensely with onboarding people onto IPFS because there is initially ZERO friction adding files to IPFS.

  3. MetaMask: Rarepress is all about simplicity so instead of trying to support all kinds of wallets, it has focused on building the most optimized experience for dealing with Metamask. It assumes that Metamask is already installed, and makes everything smooth.

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