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Project Description

Digital arts found it's value layer on web3. Artists are now able to publish their arts freely using NFT technology and connect through smart contracts with a broad ecosystem of collectors, curators, marketplaces and galleries. This is a milestone revolution for the creative sector.

The current world of NFTs is mainly served by tokenized marketplaces that store low resolution files, are unable to provide efficient and trustworthy access control mechanics. For the artists, the publishing flow breaks right there: There's no suitable backend infrastructure to serve the digital content as it has been intended through the narrative of the artist. The surge of generative arts, that require complex and expensive compute workflows don't yet have a decentralized or tokenized substrate to live freely.

Moreover, the digital arts that's attached to the NFTs are being locked up inside of marketplaces. Arts need to be experienced in it's full form, as intended by the artists or the experience creators and curators. The surge of "attention real estate" such as virtual galleries, arts streams, online events, physical installations and so forth creates a value network for the arts and the artists. A term to describe this value transfer and pricing is "Artsvertisment"

Our submission, RareFlix tackles the above in 3 ways:

  • we created a "Magic Internet Arts Printer": We use the data sharing technology of nevermined to provide industry-standard content distribution, compute-extensive workflows as well as tokenized access control. This means that the artist can host their files in their premises, their cloud, IPFS, and so forth.
  • we created an "Infininifties arts stream": Our virtual real estate is an arts-centric stream that you can tune into and get the best of NFT world.
  • we created an "Virtual Experience onboaring and plugin": Each artwork in our stream can be coupled to virtual experiences. Here we refer to virtual events such as RareEffect, festivals that start adopting NFT technology, curators in galleries and musea, physical installation builders and marketplaces. Experience builders can publish their experience and run an open call through smart contracts to provision kickback, add purposes such as impact project and much more.

With our modular framework we can bring NFTs to life and let them tell a narrative through experiences

How it's Made

This project uses:

  • nevermined (an advanced fork of Ocean Protocol) which has been extended to include NFT minting (ERC1155). Moreover we added GPUs to the nevermined workflows to encompass generative arts computations. Now people can not only store their arts marketplace-agnostic, allow for fine-grained tokenized access control but also trigger minting of new generative arts by invoking compute workflows. We've added IPFS as a storage backend for massive virtual experiences

  • Mintbase/NEAR: we made our solution network agnostic and are adapting it to NEAR for lower gas fees, higher throughput, bridging and so forth. This adaptation is still under construction. We've sourced the RareFlix content from the RareEffect marketplace on mintbase. From the stream, it's now easy to pick any marketplace where the arts has being published.

  • Virtual Real Estate: We've used the cryptovoxels gallery to show how the arts can be experienced in well-curated events.

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