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Ranked Auction Frame

A ranked auction frame to participate in the a group NFT auction

Ranked Auction Frame

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Project Description

The goal of this hack is to create an NFT auction mechanic that works well with warpcast and frames. A ranked auction is a mechanic where bids are stored in an ordered list, and only the top X bidders receive NFTs at the end of the auction. We think this could be an entertaining auction for warpcast because the frame could be pinned to the top of an artist or art platform channel. Every time users visit the channels during the active auction they see the top participants at the top of the channel or participate. All are seen as top collectors/bidders for the work in the respective communities, which puts the bidders at the front and center.

How it's Made

To build this we used warpcast, frog, viem, foundry, solidity, etherscan, optimism, and vercel to build the frame.

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