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Radical is a decentralized protocol unlocking lifelong income for creators.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

While NFT re-defines the concept of property, the economic mechanisms attached to it belong to the past. Mint and sell your NFT for an upfront payment. That’s archaic. At best, you could expect royalties on future sales without any certitude on the frequency and value of those hypothetic incomes.

This is over. Introducing Radical. A decentralized protocol unlocking lifelong income for creators.

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How it's Made

The project's smart contracts are built with the latest versions of Truffle, Solidity and OpenZeppelin Contracts. We integrated with Sablier for streaming patronage and have work in progress to make the same integration with Superfluid. We implemented the frontend using React and Bootstrap, while the Web3 integration was handled with Ethers and Web3Modal.

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