Radical NFTs

Mint, manage and market your Harberger assets.

Radical NFTs

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Project Description

Generate lifelong income on your artwork by selling it under a Harberger tax ownership model where artwork is always for sale and the owner pays a constant stream of patronage to the artist.

The idea of the project is to provide an example of what a user interface might look like for Harberger assets, which are always for sale.

How it's Made

We worked from Austin's scaffold-eth template which was great.

We wrote our three smart contracts in Solidity and managed them with Hardhat. The lightweight local node from Hardhat was particularly useful.

We created our front-end in React with Bootstrap, and chose to focus on the Metamask user experience with connection modal provided by Wallet Connect.

We wrote a custom subgraph to drive the front-end and relied on that heavily. Being able to run a Graph node locally with Docker was a game changer. The Graph has a very ambitious vision and flawless execution. It really is very well designed.

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