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QuizChain harnesses video learning with blockchain rewards. Watch educational content, take quizzes, earn NFTs, and climb leaderboards—all in one platform.


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Project Description

QuizChain is an educational platform that combines video content with blockchain technology to offer a unique learn-and-earn experience. Users watch curated educational videos, take quizzes to test their knowledge, and earn NFTs based on their performance. The platform features daily and historical leaderboards, incentivizing learning with NFT rewards from four distinct collections. QuizChain integrates partner technologies for a seamless user experience, enhancing education with the power of Web3.

How it's Made

QuizChain integrates:

  • Pinata for hosting video-related NFT images, ensuring content is decentralized and accessible.
  • Livepeer to stream educational videos, leveraging blockchain for efficient, scalable video delivery.
  • The Graph for real-time data analytics, tracking quiz results, and leaderboard rankings.
  • Base & Optimism for deploying smart contracts that manage quiz interactions, NFT minting, and reward distributions.
  • Dynamic for wallet interactions, simplifying the process for users to claim their NFT rewards.
  • Frames.js and AirStack to build an engaging, interactive frontend, focusing on user experience and accessibility.

The core functionality revolves around the seamless integration of these technologies, focusing on a user-friendly interface that encourages continuous learning and engagement.

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