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NFT Generator for helping the users to BUIDL their own NFT collection quickly.


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Road to Web3

Project Description

Majority of people find it difficult to generate their own NFT Collection.And also, randomly generating large number of images from different layers and uploading them to ipfs, can be quite a tedious process for someone who doesn't know how to code. So we came up with an idea of creating a service which can generate random images based on their rarity,upload all those images and their metadata to ipfs, which is decentralized. After the upload, the URI field of metadata of images is updated with the hash of ipfs. We can make use of this hash to generate basic NFT smart contract through open-zeppelin. Then the user can deploy the generated smart contract for minting those NFTs through remix IDE. Users can simply import the smart contract in their opensea account and the collection gets reflected on their opensea dashboard.

How it's Made

The project uses Django framework which is based on python.

The whole logic of generating random images, create GIF, download as zip, upload to and pinning them in pinata is written in python.

We used basic html as of now to render the behind-the scene logic to reflect on the website.

We are planning to improve the UI and add some functionalities in the coming days.

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