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QuickConnect is an app to find nearby users and explorer other user's full social profiles including Lens, Farcaster, POAPs, XMTP and NFTs. Find common insights between 2 accounts (how many events visited together, common lens followers, a recommendation score)


Created At

ETHGlobal New York

Winner of


🤝 Lens — Best Integrations


🥇 Airstack — Best Use

Project Description

QuickConnect is a well designed app that showcases the complete profile of an blockchain address or a social handle and allows you to quickly connect with nearby or other users. Includes powerful insights between two accounts and a recommendation score depending on matching attributes.

Built using AirStack APIs, XMTP and Lens


  • Search nearby users using ultrasound sound waves, fast and platform independent quick connections!

  • See all social profiles of a blockchain address across chains

  • Instantly view all details about nearby user

  • Quickly connect with a nearby user

  • See powerful and concise insights between You and any other user --how many common events visited --common lens followers --and a calculated recommendation score

  • Instantly send a introductory message to a user using XMTP

  • See all POAPs of an address

  • View all cities and events a user has visited (through POAP)

  • View all NFTs of an address

  • AirStack Android SDK

AirStack Android

We also created a functioning AirStack android SDK using Apollo GraphQL client which can be used to very easily integrate AirStack in other Android apps (checkout the airstack-android module). Contains full AirStack graphql schema.

How it's Made

This project uses AirStack to get all data for a blockchain address (POAPs, XMTP, Lens, Farcaster, NFTs).

To search for nearby users, we use inaudible ultrasound waves to quickly search for nearby users, see all details about user and see insights and instantly send introductory message using XMTP

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